Learn how to master light in this free lesson from Art School Live, featuring Richie Vios.
Learn how to master light in this free lesson from Art School Live, featuring Richie Vios.

On Painting with Watercolor > Join art publisher Eric Rhoads on this episode of Art School Live, featuring Richie Vios!

In this demo, Richie Vios shares the essential but underrated skills of creating the perfect consistency of water and pigments. If you love watercolor or want to learn about watercolor, watch this free lesson!

Watch Art School Live with Eric Rhoads, featuring watercolor artist Richie Vios:


Connect with Richie Vios at vioswatercolor.com. How to paint with watercolor art video workshop

“I believe that the mark of a good artist is to be able to capture the different facets of life in his painting — the mode, ambiance, subtleties, etc. In a sense, not just illustrating or recording what he sees but expressing what he feels.

“As a plein air artist, watercolor was the perfect medium of choice: handy, quick to dry, yet delivers a truly magnificent work of art. Trust me, if you paint with no fear and a smile on your face, you can paint a masterpiece every time.”
~ Richie Vios

Gain new skills and confidence with “Confident Watercolor,” an art video workshop with Richie Vios!

  • Handle elusive watercolors — and let go of your need to control the paint
  • The surefire way to let go of mental blocks so you can become a bold and spontaneous watercolor artist
  • The one simple method to ensure your painting success before you even lift the brush
  • Why it’s not enough to copy someone’s techniques, and how to become an artistic individual yourself instead
  • The 3 simple steps to increase your confidence in your painting skills
  • Richie’s never-done-before “charging and de-charging” technique that allows you to create interesting, new, and soft color transitions as well as interesting patterns. This alone is worth the small investment to change your painting.
  • The sneaky method of correcting mistakes and creating lighter areas in your painting without using opaque white or other paints.
  • How to add emphasis and fine details with this special brushwork technique
  • Pulling off wet-to-wet and wet-to-dry washes through “gravity”
  • The one special brush that makes dry-brushing fun and easy
  • Richie’s secret method of applying paint without ever touching a palette [learn more]

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  1. Hi..really enjoyed watching this video..HIS CONFIDENCE in brush strokes amazed me.. So at ease with his mixing and brush strokes. I could easily see his fluidity in water to color…my biggest weakness! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to watch.
    Gina Marrale


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