Pastel painting of clouds over a mountain and desert landscape
Nancy Silvia, “Cloud Dance Over Taos,” 18 x 24 in., pastel, 2021
Woman artist painting on rocks overlooking a body of water
Nancy Silvia painting in Acadia National Park — a favorite place.

How did you get started and then develop your career?

Nancy Silvia: From a young age I’ve identified as an artist, pursued an education in art, and have been painting my entire life. I don’t consider what I do a “career,” but my life’s journey.

How do you describe success?

Success means being able to continue to paint, achieve recognition for my accomplishments, and to exhibit and sell my paintings.

How do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in everything that I see, particularly landscape. An artist may not always find inspiration easily, but if you just show up in the studio or out in the field, get to work, then inspiration will find you!

What is the best thing about being an artist?

Creativity is its own reward. There are struggles and challenges and great satisfactions for artists, as there are in any field of endeavor.

Who do you collect?

As a student and young artist, I could only afford prints (lithos, etchings, silkscreens) by artists I admire; Frank Stella, Jasper Johns, and Rauchenberg were particular favorites. I’ve collected Japanese woodblock prints throughout the years. Presently I enjoy collecting pastel and plein air paintings by my peers.

Pastel painting of bluffs in the desert
Nancy Silvia, “Chama Bluffs,” 24 x 36 in., pastel, 2020
Oil painting of a landscape with a cloudy sky and a river
Nancy Silvia, “Abiquiu Hazy Autumn Day,” 12 x 16 in., pastel, 2020
Pastel painting of rain storm over a lush green landscape
Nancy Silvia, “Sunset and Rain,” 12 x 18 in., pastel, 2020
Pastel painting of a landscape with clouds and mountains in the distance
Nancy Silvia, “Slipping Into Evening,” 8 x 24 in., pastel, 2021

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