“Coastal Overlook”

We often hear about the myriad sources of inspiration for artists. Often, it’s nature, other times an abandoned alley, or a snapshot moment when the light hits your subject’s face at just the right angle. What about dreams?

A broad range of styles, skill levels, and mediums feature in “DREAMS,” an exhibition currently on view in Pasadena, California, at the Historic Blinn House and presented by the Women’s City Club of Pasadena and the California Art League (CAL). For submissions, exhibiting members of CAL were asked “Where do you go in your mind? Is it a special place — a special feeling or person — or is it a fantasy? Is it a whirl of color and shapes or is it based more in the real world or even a mix of edgy parts of the world? It’s up to you.” Juried by award-winning artist Otto Sturcke, the show will remain on view through September 8.

“The Ranch House”
“Summer is Forever”
“Hard to Hold On”
“Enduring Beauty”
“Counting Sheep”
“Come Sail Away with Me”


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