Holmes painting at Octoberfest

Leon Holmes was all set to create a series of paintings at Munich’s big fall celebration, Octoberfest. But the event’s officials had some thoughts on the matter. 

 Holmes had a few paintings under his belt, but then he was escorted from the premises. “I tried to tell them it was just a photo taking longer to develop, but [he] told me I was not allowed and he would get the police!” says Holmes. “So this one was painted from just outside the front gates. It was a scene I planned to paint anyway. I’ll go down again today and see what other views I can find from the fence line.”

“Swings and Roundabouts,” by Leon Holmes, 2014, oil on board, 8 x 16 in. Courtesy of Leon Holmes Art


His first painting outside the boundary was a keeper: “Swings and Roundabouts.” We’ll be watching his progress on his blog.


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