Last May, 31 artists converged on Mesa Verde National Park to paint the vistas and the cliff dwellings in that Colorado destination. Their work is now on view through January 4 at the Wildlife Experience in Parker, Colorado.

This is the second year for the event. The impressive roster of artists includes William Acheff, Joe Anna Arnett, James Asher, Gerald Balciar, Greg Beecham, Joe Bohler, John Burton, Lorenzo Chavez, Jerry Cohoe, Doug Dawson, John DeMott, Mike Desatnick, David Drummond, Barry Eisenach, Gerald Fritzler, Veryl Goodnight, George Hallmark, Hyrum Joe, Oreland Joe, Buffalo Kaplinski, Jay Moore, Gary Niblett, Ralph Oberg, Andrew Peters, Robert Peters, John Poon, Jim Rey, Laura Robb, Rosie Sandifer, Curt Walters and Jim Wilcox.

For more information, visit the Mesa Verde Foundation’s website.


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