"Feeding Time," by Ron Donoughe

Through June 10, the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, in Altoona, PA, is hosting “Labor and Landscape: 100 Paintings of the Allegheny Mountain Region by Ron Donoughe.

“The exhibition is a journalistic survey of my roots,” says Donoughe. “I spent about 18 months painting the Allegheny Mountain region of Pennsylvania–100 paintings of everything from farms to factories to county fairs. It was a real experience!”

"Across the Tracks," by Ron Donoughe
“Across the Tracks,” by Ron Donoughe
"Hoganas," by Ron Donoughe
“Hoganas,” by Ron Donoughe

The curator of the show, V. Scott Dimond, writes, “Approaching this landscape with the eyes of one who knows it like a brother, Donoughe renders it ineffably compelling. The affection of his gaze catches our attention, and through his brush, even the most mundane subjects become eminently worthy. This is the power of a great artist, and it is one that Donoughe clearly knows how to wield. ‘Labor and Landscape’ represents a summation of Donoughe’s long and intimate acquaintance with the Allegheny Mountains and Cambria County in particular. The works gathered here are at once a survey of life in northern Appalachia and a personal journey through the artist’s memories and recollections. Each work testifies to the fact that Donoughe and the space that he inhabits are inseparable. The boundary between art and life is very thin here, and for one who travels the same roads, it is hard not to see Donoughe’s paintings at every turn.”

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