Oil painting of chickens in the grass

Roamin’ Holiday
By Anne Blair Brown
PleinAir Magazine Award of Excellence, American Impressionist Society 21st Annual Juried Exhibition, 2020
24 x 24 in. (30 x 30 in. framed)
Oil on linen
Available through Red Piano Gallery, Bluffton, SC, 843.247.2049 or 843.842.4433

From Lyn Whiteside, Red Piano Gallery: “Anne is one of our favorite artists! We love having her approach to impressionism, along with her great subject matter. Her pieces bring joy to her collectors.”

Anne Blair Brown believes that painting outside, directly from life, is the most important skill an artist needs to convincingly translate light, atmosphere, and perspective. This is why many of her larger studio paintings are informed by smaller Plein air studies completed on location. The above painting, “Roamin’ Holiday” fits this category. Brown returned to the location, a friend’s farm, multiple times to create small studies that would inform the larger studio painting.

For Anne, painting is not so much about total accuracy and depiction. It is more about expressing an emotion or creating a sense of place. She does this through a form of semi-realism where you recognize the subject matter but the story is told through expressive brushwork and harmonious color rather than tight or overwrought drawing. “Roamin’ Holiday” is a good example of this suggestive story-telling, being more about design and movement instead of detail. Brushstrokes and color guide the end result, with less information equaling more impact. As her favorite artist Charles Movalli wrote in his article, In Praise of Painterly Painters, “There have always been painters who love the look of a brush stroke and who, as a result, are willing to sacrifice “accuracy” for the sake of suggestion and implication.”

Brown says, “By using brushstrokes economically, I give the viewer space to engage with the painting and finish the story for themselves. This creates an ongoing connection between the artist and collector.”

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  • American Impressionist Society 22nd Annual National Juried Exhibition, Omaha, NE, September 9-December 12, 2021
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