"Weathering the Storm" by Annette McGowan

“Weathering the Storm”

18 x 24 in.

Oil on Mahogany

[This painting] was painted at a time when my life was overshadowed with both physical and emotional pain. Cancer had unexpectedly taken my brother from this world and I had had a serious back injury.

During troubled times I have found comfort watching the ocean In search of reprieve I headed “the restless sea” along the 17 mile drive in Pebble Beach to paint. It is a favorite spot of mine. Waves come in from all different directions and crash forcefully upon the rocks. This particular day the weather was overcast, grey and the smell of rain was in the air. I started painting on the North side of the point then moved to the South where I found the wind more forgiving. Combining the north and south made for a better composition. As I painted the sky became dark the wind blew and rain fell. Feeling miserable and sorry for myself, tears diluted with rain ran down my cheeks, yet I continued my painting. Something spectacular happened, the dark sky opened up enough to let a rainbow of light shine through, illuminating the crashing waves and warming my heart. It was magical! The light was conquering the darkness. I knew at that moment thing would get better. I did my best to capture that moment.  Sometimes it is best to chase the light. With time the storm would pass and so would my pain.


Born in California in May, 1959, Annette has lived near the ocean her entire life. Inspiration for her paintings often comes from the beauty of nature. She is an imaginative self-taught artist, who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression through her art. McGowan’s paintings are noted for originality, vibrant colors and mood. “With my painting I try to interrupt the viewer’s thought process long enough bring them to another place.” She is best known for her Seascapes and humorous wine series. “I love painting seascapes and sunsets. When I die I hope God will let me paint sunsets. This life and what I paint here, is only my audition.” In the early 1990s, McGowan begin displaying her artwork in galleries.

Current galleries;

Haute Enchilada, Moss Landing, California

Phoebe’s Art glass, Capitola, California

Partial list of art exhibitions and  Competitions;

Capitola Plein Air, Capitola California

Carmel Art Festival, Carmel, California

UCSC Women’s Center, Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz Art League, Santa Cruz, California

Listed in:

AskART.com Inc., 
The World Registry of Artists

The Artist Blue Book, 
2005, Dunbier, Lonnie Pierson-editor

The Art of Tasting Wine, 
2012, Vibrant Art Publishing, Becky Morris-editor


A.A. Fashion Design, Brooks College, Long Beach, California

Masters Fine Art, School of hard knocks, California


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