Moonshadows on Kitchen Mesa
24 x 40 in.
Pastel on sanded board
$4,500 framed
Available through the artist, email [email protected]

My career as a plein air painter began with trip to Ghost Ranch in 1988. I boarded a train in Milwaukee with two of my best art buddies and an immense supply of art materials (some of which ended up on the tracks in Chicago, but that is another story!) When we finally got to Ghost Ranch two days later, I had a visceral reaction as we entered via the long dirt road: instantly my heart knew it was home in a place I had never been.

Over the past 32 years I have spent countless hours observing Kitchen Mesa from all viewpoints on the Ranch: I have watched sunrises, sunsets, moonrises, meteor showers, torrential rains, snow, rock slides and for the first time just last year, I hiked it! These are magnificent and powerful events, yet they pale in comparison to the light of the full moon as it kisses the face of this ancient wall. It’s magical. This piece embodies the alpenglow during a full moon at Ghost Ranch.

It’s an honor my COVID project this year was to develop Estudio Corazón, an Artist-In-Residence program which is nestled at the base of Kitchen Mesa. My hope is the beauty and inspiration of Ghost Ranch will be shared with artists and creatives there in perpetuity.

I now reside full time in Santa Fe.

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