oil painting of a couple in white walking down a pathway with flowers arranged throughout
Durre Waseem, “Be With Me,” oil on panel, 16 x 20 in., $2,200. Available through artist. This was selected as Dec top 100 pleinair salon.

Durre Waseem: Generally, my work is a spontaneous response to my visual environment. I never plan a location or pose ahead of time. With this flexibility of subject choice allows more freedom and energy. Be it a figure or an urban life or nature, I see my subject as shapes that are arranged in 4-5 values. To me color is more for entertainment, and its role changes with theme.
Each painting experience brings a new thrilling challenge, just like solving Sudoku or crossword puzzle.

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About the images:
Be With Me: “Painted mostly on location of Mission Capistrano. I noticed this young couple and wondered if they could have their wedding in this spiritual place, it would be fun to paint her white gown against the red structure and may add some harmony with white lotus in the pond. This was selected as Dec top 100 pleinair salon.”

Her Patio in Bloom: “This was painted on a location at Balboa Island (CA). This house was surrounded by blooming flowers. I still remember the pleasant smile on that woman’s face as she took my selection of subject as a compliment.”

Staying in Shade: “I managed to set up under a thick shade to paint on an extremely hot and oppressive afternoon last August, In Washington This painting was painted as a part of North Pacific pleinair event and it received 2nd place.”

oil painting of flowers in the foreground with an impression of woman in the background walking in front of a house
Durre Waseem, “Her Patio in Bloom,” oil on panel, 12×16 in., $ 1,800. Available through artist.
oil painting of people sitting in a park under a tree for shade
Durre Waseem, “Staying in Shade,” oil on panel, 16×20 in., $2,200. Available through artist.