acrylic painting of shrimp boat in evening sunset
Farley Lewis, Shrimp Trawler, Acrylic on Panel, 18 x 24 in., 2022; Available through Artist; $1800; Shrimp trawler Farley saw while in Delcambre, Louisiana, in the last moments before sunset. [email protected], or call/text 417-773-1175.

Farley Lewis: Farley loves capturing the real look of sunlight, whether it’s a trawler at sunset, or rows of harvested corns stalks in early morning light. This selection of his work highlights his passion for capturing authentic-looking light, and his desire to elevate a scene through careful use of composition, value and color.

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acrylic painting of sprouting corn stalks
Farley Lewis, Last Year’s Corn Rows, Acrylic on Panel, 12 x 24 in., Available through Artist; $1500; Last year’s corn stalks near New Melle, Missouri, 2021
oil painting of sunlight stream; log in the distance
Farley Lewis, Spring Reverie, Acrylic on Panel, 16 x 20 in., Available through Silver Sycamore Gallery, 2022; Streams and morning sunlight, both popular themes for Farley