Oil painting of visitor to the Grand Canyon wearing a face mask during Covid-19 pandemic

16 x 20 in.
Available through the 13th Annual Grand Canyon Celebration of Art, Grand Canyon Celebration of Art Coordinator, 480-277-0458

Hai-Ou Hou:The Grand Canyon, devastatingly beautiful and monumental, has long inspired me to paint. The Covid-19 pandemic is devastation on a monumental scale and compels me to paint. This painting contrasts the solid greatness of the one to the fearful apparition of the other; the Canyon will remain long after Covid fades away.”

About the Artist
Hai-Ou Hou was born in Beijing where she studied painting and ceramics at the prestigious Central Institute of Fine Art and Design. She accepted a teaching post at the Hubei Fine Art Institute where she taught painting and design for several years before immigrating to the United States. Eventually she earned her MFA and opened her own gallery.

“Participating in plein air events and shows throughout the country and abroad catapulted my artistic development and career,” says Hai-Ou, who returned to teaching by giving national and international workshops and by opening and operating the Chesapeake Fine Art Studio. “I find my inspiration in nature and in travel,” she adds. “My favorite studio is the outdoors!”

McBride Gallery in Annapolis, MD
Crystal Moll Gallery in Baltimore, MD

Visit Hai-Ou Hou’s website or Facebook to see more of her work.