Oil painting of a hilly coastline

Aqua Is the Sky and Water
9 x 12 in.
Oil on linen panel
Available through the artist

Minnesota based, Impressionist Painter Kami Mendlik: This piece was recently painted En Plein Air during a month-long retreat in Maui to study the colors of the island with paint and to finalize the editing process of my book on Painting the Relativity of Color. The book is a project I am extremely passionate about and very excited to share with you! This trip is the first time I’ve been to or painted Maui, and I’m loving it. Everywhere I turn, a painting. I remind myself – one painting at a time. The colors are rich and vibrant, a perfect symphony of harmony. What I bear in mind is that anywhere on this beautiful earth we find ourselves studying and painting the natural world, the shapes of colors we see are always relative to one another. Knowing this, we can paint anywhere!

My curiosity about color began at an early age. As a young child, I would walk through the fields between home and my grandma’s house, eyes wide open, seeing the world in vivid color. I saw pinks in the grasses and purples in the sky and wondered how I could paint what I was seeing. This fascination developed into my life’s passion: studying the properties of color and teaching what I’ve learned.

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