Island In The Sun
12 x 24 in.
oil on panel
$1,200 available through the artist

“I found this location right at sunrise, at the end of an awesome week of painting for the Monuments and Canyons Plein Air invitational in Grand Junction, CO. I had originally driven to this location to catch the morning light on the many monuments seen from this particular overlook, but slowly the large formation in the background began to speak to me. It had a C like shape, and I started to feel that the ends of the C were like two groups of people standing tall, apart and opposed to each other — one in the shadows and the other in full sunlight. Then the sun began illuminating the lone monolith in the middle; holding its own, not swayed by either side. Sometimes we stand with the group and sometimes we are the lone stone, holding strong on our own little piece of rocky ground.”

Kari was born and raised in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of Central New York State, setting the stage for her deep appreciation of the natural landscape. She and her husband Diego, a stereo photographer, have recently taken to the road in their camper van, attending plein air events and exploring the country while checking off states and national parks visited along the way. To find out more about Kari and follow along with their adventure, please visit her on Facebook as Kari.G.Ruiz and Instagram as @KariGanoungRuiz. Check out her website at to find available paintings and workshop information.

See Kari’s work in person in Lake Placid, NY, at Gallery 46; in Canandaigua, NY, at Pat Rini Rohrer Gallery; and in Trumansburg, NY, at Salmon Pottery Gallery. The couple will be setting up a Pop-Up Gallery in Aurora, NY, starting Thanksgiving week and open through Christmas 2019. Please plan to visit!