Jeremy Lipking - Plein Air Convention & Expo
Artist Jeremy Lipking demonstrating a landscape painting at the Plein Air Convention & Expo

“One of the great benefits of being a part of the plein air family is the sense of community we all receive, especially if we’re involved with a local or regional painting group,” says Eric Rhoads. “It’s that community where we share ideas, learn from one another, and paint together, much like at our annual Plein Air Convention & Expo, which is like Thanksgiving for plein air painters.

“It’s a time to see our friends, learn from the best, and be a part of the world community of plein air painters. It’s also a time to grow as artists. And, of course, there is nothing quite so much fun as painting together and making history for having the largest number of plein air painters painting together in one spot.

“I’m looking forward to seeing you, our family, at this year’s Plein Air Convention & Expo in Denver.”

The Plein Air Convention & Expo Is Expanding
Look at these NEW TRACKS being added!

The world’s largest plein air event is about to get bigger: We’re adding two new tracks.

We already have tracks for Oil, Watercolor, and Pastel. Plus, we have a Demo Stage and an Expo Hall Stage.

Now we’re adding an ACRYLIC Stage because acrylic painting is hot! (Share this with anyone who paints in acrylics.)

We’ve added some great acrylic faculty members…

But that’s not all…

We’ve added a brand new Plein Air Event Organizers Track!

We want plein air events to continue and be the best they can be. And the way to do that is to share how to make great events, how to make events successful, how to make artists want to come back, how to sell more art at events, and how to make events run well. It’s all about best practices.

This new track is for anyone who is creating or considering creating a plein air event in their town. (Forward this to anyone who organizes plein air events or is considering it.)

And organizers won’t miss a thing because … this track takes place during the hours everyone is out painting. Since most event organizers are not painting, they can attend these sessions while the painters are out. Then they won’t miss any of the other parts of the convention.

Best of all … all registered attendees have access to all tracks and all stages.

Why You Need to Register Now Plein Air Convention

It appears that Denver will be the most successful Plein Air Convention ever. We’ve already exceeded the attendance of the San Francisco event! So we honestly don’t think the seats will last long, especially now that we’ve added these two tracks. We highly recommend booking your seats today. (Note: The early-bird discount expires November 29.)

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