“GAF on Ponca” by Ken Karlic

“GAF on Ponca”

36 x 72 in

Watercolor on paper

Available at Y:ART Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland  $7000

National award-winning, watercolor artist Ken Karlic describes his work as “sophisticated chaos.” “GAF on Poncais, indeed, a fantastic vision of complex forms, vibrant color and interesting textures.

Interested in capturing the essence of a subject or landscape rather than the specifics, Ken began this large-scale work with a collage of accurate drawings, which then gave way to expressive painting, creating a beautiful, energetic “mess” with an undeniable sense of urgency and passion.

To realize this piece, Ken used 39 colors in three separate palettes, including his standard colors, a special line of granulating colors and a unique line of iridescent colors. The final result: an absolutely stunning effect.

Based on an industrial site in Baltimore, Maryland, “GAF on Ponca” is the subject of “Sophisticated Chaos with DANIEL SMITH Watercolors, Step by Step Painting Large Scale,” a series of short videos and narrative tracking complete development of the piece. The project was distributed this past month by Daniel Smith to a global community of professional artists, retailers and distributors.

Ken’s paintings each have a basis in the representational, but often dissolve into varying levels of abstraction. No two paintings evolve in quite the same way. Surprises are not only welcomed but also invited. Ken creates effects in any way possible and with any means necessary.

Marks, scratches, drips and splatters all become part of a final piece.

Ken is represented by several galleries and exhibits regularly. He studied architecture, painting and graphic design at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and received a B.F.A. Ken is a founding partner of the graphic design firm Splice Design Group, in Baltimore, Maryland, an instructor at Chesapeake Fine Art Studio in Stevensville, Maryland, and teaches workshops nationally, as well as participating in juried events such as Door County Plein Air Festival, Cape Ann Plein Air and Paint Annapolis.

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Ken Karlic / Fine Art   http://kenkarlic.com

Ken Karlic / Sophisticated Chaos with Daniel Smith Watercolors


Follow Ken on Facebook, Instagram or email him at [email protected].


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