“Prairie Tapestry,” Kim Casebeer, oil, 20 x 30 in., 2023. This painting is available during the National Oil Painters of America show at MarkArts in Wichita, KS.

Kim Casebeer: Kim Casebeer finds inspiration in the landscape, whether local or places she travels. “Prairie Tapestry,” which is currently in the National Oil Painters of America exhibit, is of a park she visits almost every day, allowing her to study the prairie.

Plein air painting in locations such as the Grand Teton National Park, which inspired “Close of the Day Mount Moran.”

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oil painting of mountain range in distance; clouds rolling in over it
“Close of the Day Mount Moran,” Kim Casebeer, oil, 36 x4 8 in., 2023. Available through Reuben Saunders Gallery, Wichita, KS; capture light, weather, and how she felt. Whether painting in her backyard, or across the country, Kim wants to elicit an emotional response.
sunsetting; reflecting in water; surrounded by trees
“Evening on the Yellowstone,” Kim Casebeer, oil, 20 x 30 in., 2022. Available through Mountain Trails Gallery, Jackson, WY