Oil painting of the Teton mountains and river

By Lamya Deeb
24 x 12 in.
Available at Turner Fine Art, Jackson, WY

A moment of sublime beauty and peace, as night falls at the end of a day in Grand Teton National Park, gives us pause to consider our place in the universe.

One of three of my paintings included in an invitational exhibit titled: Close to Nature’s Heart, Expressions of why we love the protected open spaces of the Rocky Mountain west, at Turner Fine Art in Jackson, WY, August 2–September 3, 2021.

I painted the plein air study this piece is based on several years ago during Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters’ Plein Air for the Park, an event to benefit the Grand Teton Association. I had just finished painting for the day and was beginning to pack up, when this scene, with the moon and Venus close together, just took my breath away. It had to be painted!

Coming to the U.S. from war-torn Beirut, and experiencing the peaceful, beautiful, protected natural areas in the Rocky Mountain west, was exhilarating and a new beginning for me. Expansive and intimate, here was room to breathe, room to grow — a place to lose and find oneself, to be simultaneously uplifted and grounded, and to be restored. It’s an exhilaration I continue to experience and cherish each time I go into nature to paint.

Close to Nature’s Heart, Turner Fine Art, Jackson, WY, August 2–September 3, 2021.

Mary Williams Fine Arts, Boulder, CO
Osmosis Art Gallery, Niwot, CO
Fly Away Home, Niwot, CO

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