Oil painting of a thunderstorm over a southwest landscape

Evening Thunder
By Lee MacLeod
20 x 16 in.
Oil on board
Available at Marigold Fine Arts

“Evening Thunder” is a typical painting for me. I am drawn to the dramatic skies we have here in the Southwest, especially during our monsoon season. Rain is the lifeblood for this arid region and has both nourished the land as well as carved the striking features.

My art career began in the 1980s when I started working as an illustrator for book covers, game boxes, and film posters. However, as computers made significant in roads into the illustration market I found myself switching gears and moving into fine art. I needed to continue to create imagery the old fashion way with a paintbrush in hand and paint on my clothes as well as on the canvas!

Landscapes provided endless and exciting possibilities, and I have thoroughly enjoyed trying to capture the essence of locations both outdoors, as well as in the studio. I primarily paint New Mexico scenes, but have also taken my paints on the road to California, Wyoming, Colorado and even to Europe on a number of occasions.

I have also had the good fortune to exhibit in the national shows of organizations such as the Oil Painters Of America and the California Art Club. My work can be seen at Marigold Fine Arts in Santa Fe, NM, at the Santa Fe Collection in Fredericksburg, TX, and on my website at www.leemacleodfineart.com