Oil painting of a seated crowd in evening light

Happy People in the Evening Light
24 x 30 in.
Oil on canvas
Available through the artist

I Watched Them Dancing in the Evening Light

Ryan Jensen: “I could hear the band playing across town at our local brewery as I stepped off my porch for my evening jog. The easy-going summer Blues meant one thing, at least for me; COVID was over. I couldn’t help but do a run-by and take a look for myself. As I neared the brewery, I could see the silhouettes of dancing people beautifully backlit in the evening light. The artist in me began to calculate if there was enough time to run home, grab my easel and catch it on canvas. However, the light was now. The moment was now. I took note of the time and the mood, and the way it made me feel. This was my scene. I would come prepared to capture it with paint at the venue’s next event. I wiped drops of sweat from my brow as I watched. It was brilliant to see people dancing again. Summer was here, and so was I. The following Friday, I made sure to show up a bit early. I set up my easel and painted like hell. The music, the people, and the ambiance were refreshing to experience as I beheld the scene in the evening light.”

Four years ago, Jensen made the decision to start painting full time. “Beauty lurks around just about every corner up here in northern California, especially near the coast, and ever since I moved here I felt compelled to paint it,” he explains. His decision to become a full-time artist greatly contrasts from his previous career in the United States Marine Corps. Now Jensen’s orders come from how much atmosphere and light are present on any given day. He used to
carry a rifle. Now he carries a brush.

Artist Statement: “We all start out as artists, until we decide we’re not.”

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