Ice on the Water
8 x 10 in.
Oil on panel

So enamored by the beauty surrounding us, Zanobia ventures out with a burning desire to brave the elements to experience first-hand the best scene in the best light. The results can be a moving and inspirational work of art ready to adorn your universe.

It is the artist’s dedication and apparent ability to deftly manipulate her materials and the obvious love of creative expression that enables Zanobia to capture the enduring qualities of a vanishing lifestyle. Lush, broad strokes of paint, laid lavishly down with zeal and abandon, bump together creating a gestural expressiveness bespeaking a creative voice strengthened by years of experimentation.

One sees that Zanobia paints for the love of paint, to enhance her experience of the outdoors and the opportunity to sleep in the woods and make a killer campfire stew. Her energetic application of paint to canvas, with little regard to the formal rules of the plein air painter, places her in a class of her own.

As Zanobia forges resolutely ahead in her artistic vision, it is the reality of a day in the country or studio that remains splashed across her canvas in celebration of the thick juicy paint, squished, swirled, and scratched, reverently and ceremoniously. Work vaguely reminiscent of Monet and early van Gogh, Zanobia is the real deal, and important in the roster of artists dedicated to their craft.

“Any day I can paint outside is a banner day!”

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