Diane LaMere (foreground) and Derek Davis painting along Nine Mile Creek in Bloomington, MN

Minnesota artist Jim Henley snapped photographs of his painting companions, Diane LaMere and Derek Davis, when the three artists were deep in snow along Nine Mile Creek in Bloomington, Minnesota. Find out more about this trio of extreme plein air painters.

Diane LaMere at her easel

Jim Henley’s great love of the outdoors and the mutable character of nature is what attracts him to plein air landscape painting, and that love became apparent from an early age as he grew up in the rural fringe of Johnson City, New York. Eventually Henley and his family moved to Rochester, Minnesota, where his fondness for the outdoors continued to grow as he spent countless hours drawing, painting, unearthing fossils, and collecting insects. He nurtured his talent in workshops and classes with such notable plein air painters as Reid Galey, Skip Whitcomb, Ron Rencher, Joseph Paquet, Ralph Oberg, Mary Pettis, and instructors at the Atelier in Minneapolis. For more information, visit www.jhenley.com.

Jim Henley painting during a warmer season of the year

“It’s easier to capture the feeling of cold while standing in the snow,” says Diane LaMere. Derek Davis agrees, and paints outdoors throughout the year, searching for the poetry of the moment. For more information, visit www.dianelamere.com and www.derekdavisstudio.com.


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