Erin Hanson, “Coastal Cypress,” oil

Although she is known for her impressionistic depictions of rural landscapes, contemporary painter Erin Hanson has amassed a stunning collection of sweeping coastal vistas from Monterey to La Jolla, California, for this special exhibition.

Beautifully rendered views of California’s coast from Monterey to La Jolla compose a brilliant exhibition by artist Erin Hanson. Opened on June 24, “Coastal California” is a special collection of 20 oil paintings on view at the Erin Hanson Gallery in San Diego.

Erin Hanson, “Cypress at Dawn,” oil

“After 15 years of painting the diverse landscapes of the Southwest,” her press release suggests, “Erin Hanson has put together a rare collection of coastal-only paintings that draw from her explorations of California’s coastline from Monterey to La Jolla. Her unique perspective on the outdoors is captured in her vibrant, impressionistic paintings. Within these coastal-inspired paintings, you can expect Hanson to pull from her unique view of nature and her early dawn explorations to tell a story of our beautiful California Coast never before seen on canvas.”

Erin Hanson, “Torrey Dawn,” oil

Hanson herself adds, “I enjoy focusing on a theme when creating a series of paintings for an exhibition. When I relocated down to San Diego, I was immediately inspired to create a coastal show that would capture all the movement and color of the California coast.”

To learn more, visit Erin Hanson Gallery.

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