by Hai-Ou Hou

Fresh off her successful run at Plein Air Easton, talented painter Hai-Ou Hou returns to South Street Art Gallery this fall for a vibrant solo exhibition “Seeing the West Through Eastern Eyes.” More just a click away!

The ever-talented painter Hai-Ou Hou will be mounting a fantastic exhibition at South Street Art Gallery in Easton, Maryland, this fall. Stemming from a major trip to the American West, “Seeing the West Through Eastern Eyes” showcases many of Hou’s favorite paintings from such iconic locations as Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon, and the Sedona desert.

by Hai-Ou Hou
by Hai-Ou Hou
Hai-Ou Hou, “Canyon Strollers,” oil, 16 x 16 inches
Hai-Ou Hou, “Rolling Clouds,” oil, 10 x 18 inches
by Hai-Ou Hou
Hai-Ou Hou, “Heroica,” oil, 36 x 48 inches

“I love the West’s Canyons the best” Hai-Ou suggested. “The first time I saw the Grand Canyon was six years ago, it made me feel that this was a place to die and to be reborn. I fell in love with the vastness and magnificence of the place. I love to stare at the deep valleys; to see the shadows moving with dramatic shifts. I have participated in Grand Canyon Plein Air for couple years, also in the Zion plein air event a couple of times. I started painting the West with Sedona Plein Air for three years, and I took a trip driving around the West by myself after Sedona … that’s when I decided to paint the Grand Canyon every year…I feel a great affinity to it. I also took two 10-day rafting trips down the Colorado river these last five years in order to paint the canyon from below.

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