Douglas Fryer, "Thistle Creek Spring," oil, 8 x 8 inches

Prolific painter Douglas Fryer and Meyer Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, recently announced the dates for an upcoming solo exhibition of the artist’s work. Titled “Transformations,” this new body of work showcases the Utah artist’s evolving aesthetic.

This September, Meyer Gallery in Santa Fe will present several new oils by acclaimed painter Douglas Fryer during “Transformations.” On view September 1 through September 14, viewers will encounter stunning landscapes that represent the artist’s ongoing evolution as a painter. “Fryer’s landscapes range from timeless imagery painter with serene clarity to atmospheric scenes with an edge of mystery” the gallery writes. “The Utah artist see his aesthetic evolving towards the latter as he paints slightly more non-objective works that suggest, rather than explain, reality with simplified forms and broad passages of color and texture.”

Douglas Fryer, “Mountain Ranch Winter,” oil, 12 x 12 inches

“I tend to see the land a shapes, patterns and edges” Fryer added. “Our eyes always see things in a state of relative motion and abstraction, but our brains function in a way that tricks us into thinking everything is still, solid and compartmentalized. A scene that is a little less stereotypically lovely often becomes fascinating in a different way. Through close observation, interpretation, and the painting process I can suggest the importance of the place. That’s what becomes beautiful to me, and hopefully also to the viewer.”

Continuing the gallery suggested, “For “Transformations,” Fryer’s imagery is inspired by locations close to his home in Spring City, Utah, where the lush valley in which he lives sprawls towards looming mountain ranges, as well as distant locations including his recent travels in the British Isles. No matter the place, Fryer describes the landscape he seeks to paint as having “beauty with an edge, an element of harshness, wildness, mystery, complexity and unity,” which he translates to his canvases with remarkable skill and meticulous attention to compositional elements. Fryer’s profound, visionary approach to landscape painting results in compositions that are at once thrilling and peaceful to the viewer.”

To learn more, visit Meyer Gallery.

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