A while back, Florida artist Linda Relis posted a painting online that she was very excited about. Why? It was one of the first ones she’d done right after having cataract surgery.
“The two most noticeable changes after surgery is that I see a range of blues that I didn’t before,” Relis says. “That certainly helps when you’re painting a lot of green in the landscape. Things are also brighter and more defined as well. When the first eye was done I’d just sit looking at the scenery, closing one eye then the other. I’d say it was 1 1/2 times lighter in the eye that was done. I think that can be seen in the two paintings here. A friend looked at the two painting side by side and didn’t believe the roof would be that color. I found a photo that I had taken of the scene the first time I painted it, and sure enough, it did look that color.”

Linda Relis’s painting after her cataract surgery


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