11 Peaceful Paintings of Skies

Learning how to paint clouds and skies doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply start by studying the works of accomplished painters, right here. You’ll love what these top artists have to share in the new art video workshop, “Clouds and Sky in Watercolor and Oil.”


How to Paint Clouds and Skies: 13 Peaceful Paintings

1. Shuang Li

How to paint skies
Landscape painting (watercolor) by Shuang Li, who explains how to use a sky as a backdrop for a landscape vista, with a blue sky and suggested clouds.

2. Dan Marshall

How to paint a watercolor landscape
Landscape painting (watercolor) by Dan Marshall; Dan teaches you how to glaze a crystal blue sky color that mingles down right into city buildings.

3. Keiko Tanabe

How to paint a watercolor landscape
Landscape painting (watercolor) by Keiko Tanabe; who explains how to transform a bright midday sky into a rich orange, late-day sky.

4. Stewart White

How to paint blue skies
Landscape painting (watercolor) by Stewart White; Stewart shows you how to make a blue sky more interesting in his segment, “Bluer Than Blue.”

5. Richie Vios

How to paint skies in watercolor
Watercolor painting by Richie Vios; learn how to set the mood of an encroaching evening settling on a boat dock with Richie’s demo.

6. Kathleen Hudson

How to paint clouds in oil
Landscape painting (oil) by Kathleen Hudson; In “Color and Composition,” get tips for strong dramatic cloudscapes as Kathleen reviews a small study, photo reference, and thumbnail sketch.

7. Kim Casebeer

How to paint skies in oil
Landscape painting (oil) by Kim Casebeer; Learn what colors to mix (and mix right along with Kim) to create a range of color and values for your dramatic skyscape.

8. Cindy Baron

How to paint clouds and skies
Landscape painting (oil) by Cindy Baron; Cindy starts with a “washy” sky underpainting. In her demo, she teaches you how to get rid of the scary white canvas with thin washes of lush color; develop the underpainting with push and pull: wipe out lights, and add color to develop a skyscape.

9. Bill Davidson

How to paint clouds and skies
Landscape painting (oil) by Bill Davidson, who explains how to develop the sun as a focal point.

10. Joseph McGurl

Landscape by Joseph McGurl
Landscape painting (oil) by Joseph McGurl; learn how to paint a “pretty little sunlight puffy cloud,” score tips for making cloud shapes, and discover how to use value and edges to give your landscape painting mass and form.

11. Carl Bretzke

Nocturne paintings
Nocturn landscape painting (oil) by Carl Bretzke; learn how to mix rich deep darks to cover the sky area, then mix a bluer dark, and use negative painting to create tree shapes.

The compilation video “Clouds & Sky in Watercolor and Oil” features 14 of today’s most talented artists demonstrating their best methods and techniques for capturing the elusive subjects of clouds and skies.

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