Color mixing for landscape painting
A scene from Bill Davidson's color mixing lesson during Art School Live with Eric Rhoads

Join art publisher Eric Rhoads on this episode of Art School Live, featuring today’s guest Bill Davidson on color mixing and color values!


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Davidson recently released the art video workshop “Painting with Energy,” which is available here:

Painting with Energy

Inside “Painting With Energy,” You’ll Discover:

  • The latest neuroscience that gives you a massive learning advantage and will have you on the road to painting like a pro fast
  • Our unique breakthrough online technology that is usually reserved only for SOAR Workshops
  • How to wake up excited every morning and find meaning in your painting (as well as your life)
  • Bill’s method for seeing like an artist that allows you to grasp shapes and values immediately
  • How to paint large groups of trees, achieve depth, create convincing reflections, and so much more — while keeping it easy and motivating
  • A never-done-before approach for using grays to nail your values every time, and more. [ORDER HERE]

This post is sponsored by Streamline Art Videos and Bill Davidson’s video workshop “Landscape Painting Secrets

Video Length: 5 hours, 55 minutes

Are you ready to learn how to paint a vivid and captivating landscape that your viewers will love?

If your answer is YES, this video was made for you.

Bill gives you a step-by-step demonstration, from setting up your materials to adding the finishing touches to your work — paying particular attention to four primary areas of the painting that deliver maximum effect for the viewer:

The sky and clouds…
Water and reflections…
Foreground and middle-ground elements…
Making the final adjustments and adding elements like birds…

Learn more about Bill Davidson’s “Landscape Painting Secrets” and get your copy here today.


  1. Thanks so much from a beginner in Montréal! I’m doing watercolors, but still learned a lot from Bill – and from Eric’s questions – about values. ,-)
    I had hoped to register for Eric’s Fall painting workshop near Saranac Lake, but with this whole pandemic & border situation I’m not even planning to hike in the High Peaks & Crawford Notch areas this year… And that’s a trip my husband & I have been doing since our ADK hiking honeymoon over 25 years ago!
    We’re ot sure the whether the US government is going to recognize our mix of vaccines (e.g. I got the AstraZeneca first, then Pfizer) in time for any travel this year.

  2. great concept with underlying transparent black tonal to start, then if shapes and values work, add color.
    going to try it out


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