An Aha Moment, Every Time

“I think I’ve had an aha moment with every presenter at every one of these ‘live’ events … Pastel Live, Watercolor Live, and of course Plein Air Live.” ~ Ruth S.

On Day 2 of the 5th Annual Plein Air Live, we saw expert presentations from Natasha Isenhour, Roos Schuring, Tim Horn, John Budicin, Shuang Li, and even Don Demers.

Plein Air Live

In addition to their insightful conversation and the many demos you can see below, we also heard from our sponsors, whom we’d like to thank: Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff, Blick Art Materials featuring Jedadiah Dore, and Raphael featuring Andrew Cook. (A great place to meet many of our sponsors, ask questions, and shop from them in person is in the Great Smoky Mountains this May at the Plein Air Convention and Expo!)

Highlights from Day 2 of Plein Air Live

From Natasha Isenhour's Plein Air Live on-location painting demo
From Natasha Isenhour’s Plein Air Live on-location painting demo

Oil and pastel artist Natasha Isenhour is a contemporary American painter. For Plein Air Live this year, she created a scene using pastels on location from a wildlife refuge in New Mexico. She prefers to give viewers a variety of places to look within the painting, rather than having a single focal point, advising us to “let the viewer decide.”

From Roos Schuring's demo
From Roos Schuring’s demo

Painting a parasol and figures on a summer beach with a hazy sky, Roos Schuring started with a warm first layer in acrylic, then began sketching the basic shapes of her composition and laying in the initial colors. She reassured us not to worry if everything’s less than perfect at the beginning stage of one’s painting. Bonus: We had the pleasure of hearing the ocean waves in the background since she painted on location.

From Tim Horn's landscape painting demo
Tim Horn introduced us to his landscape scene, featuring a beautiful house.
From Tim Horn's landscape painting demo
From Tim Horn’s landscape painting demo

At Cavallo Point in Sausalito, California, Tim Horn said for Plein Air Live, he was inspired to paint a scene featuring this military house that was built around 1900 because of its classic architecture, red roof, and the warm white color of the building against the darker background.

From John Budicin's session
From John Budicin’s session

John Budicin says for him, painting outdoors is “exhilarating” and Mother Nature is the artist’s best teacher. He gave an afternoon plein air demonstration from a wash in San Bernandino, California. He finished the demo by continuing to work on the painting in his studio.

From Shuang Li's on-location painting demo for Plein Air Live
From Shuang Li’s on-location painting demo

Painting on location from a beautiful harbor in California, Shuang Li gave a watercolor demo. Her subject included water in the foreground and a boat in the background. She painted until it was “85 percent” done, and then finished the painting in her studio.

Here you can see multiple views as Don Demers created a seascape painting that focused on waves at Plein Air Live
Here you can see multiple views as Don Demers created a seascape painting that focused on waves.
Upper left: Don’s palette
Lower left: His plein air study
Right: His Plein Air Live demo studio painting

Plein air painting has been a form of study for hundreds of years, Don Demers said. In his session, he explained the transition from painting on location to advancing that work in the studio. As he referred to his plein air study, he assured us that although he’s been doing this for a long time, he still employs the basic techniques of composition and proportion.

At the end of the day, we stayed gathered around our devices and art supplies and painted together again. One thing’s for sure – we’re having a great time, day and night!

And come collect the art that moves you! Peruse the artwork of our faculty, as well as those artists who have taught at previous events. This silent art auction and sale takes place March 4-9 here, and is open to the public.

See you soon for Day 3 at!



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