Plein Air Podcast - Kevin Macpherson
Artist, author, and teacher Kevin Macpherson, (featured in the PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads, Episode 180), and on the faculty for Plein Air Live 2.0!

Give us just three days and you’ll discover the techniques used by the leading landscape and outdoor painting masters.

PleinAir Live 2.0
(Our second ever PLEINAIR LIVE Event…)

April 15-17, 2021
with Optional Beginner’s Day on April 14

Sadly … for most of the world … 2020 was a “lost year.”

It was a year filled with challenges and obstacles…

A year where most of us were forced to stay inside and forget about gathering to paint with friends…

You had to shift your focus to survival…

Frankly, we too had to survive, because we had to cancel our Plein Air Convention & Expo in 2020 … so we launched PleinAir Live.

When we held PleinAir Live, almost every attendee told us it was exactly what they needed and that they saw improvement in their artwork.

Not only were they invigorated and inspired … they improved their painting skills, and, most importantly, they felt connected to our tribe of painters.

And we learned something new…

A huge number of people told us they were never able to attend the Plein Air Convention in person because of their personal circumstances.

For instance, one woman told us this…

“I use a wheelchair and I cannot leave my house. You’ve given me a great gift by allowing me to attend something at home.”

Another said this…

“I don’t have a lot of money, but this was very affordable. I could never have spent the money to attend in person. ”

Another said this…

“I simply cannot travel anymore because of my age, but I need to keep learning.”

And another…

“I’m not a plein air painter, but I’ve always been curious about it, and the price was low enough that it was not a major commitment to attend. I got so much out of it that I hope to one day attend in person.”

Hear What People Inside our PleinAir Live Family had to say about it being better than expected.

Plein Air Live testimonials

Our attendees now EXPECT to be transformed…

Give us just 3 days (4 if you join us for Beginner’s Day), and you’ll experience a transformation in your art that you never thought possible.

Why Can I Say This With So Much Confidence?

After the first PleinAir Live, almost half of those attending signed up for our next event, Realism Live. After that, almost half signed up for Watercolor Live.

Why do people keep signing up?

  • Skyrocketing their art skills
  • A sense of community
  • A chance to see artists they did not know
  • Building a strong network of other artists who support them
  • Fresh inspiration
  • Encouragement to keep growing
  • Newfound skills from different faculty members and instructors

Improve Tremendously in Just 3 or 4 days … Really?

YES! Many artists who’ve attended our virtual conferences tell us they’ve learned more in 3 or 4 days than over many years.

Concentrated, compressed learning for several days reinforces important concepts and helps implant techniques and ideas that start showing up in your painting.

A Lot of Momentum and Inspiration Takes Place at our LIVE ONLINE events!

You’ll gain a tremendous amount from PleinAir Live…

  • Breakout groups: get to know other artists and build your support system
  • Gain valuable insights and wisdom from artists who are making a living with their art — if you (even secretly!) have a dream to sell your art, or to sell more of it, you must attend!
  • Chat sessions where you can ask questions of the instructors and other attendees.
  • You’ll discover strategies on how to get your art noticed, displayed, and SOLD!
  • Fast-track your progress because you’ll be practicing your painting MORE and BETTER!
  • One-of-a-kind lessons, presentations, discussions, and demonstrations from artists who have been right where you are today … and kept going (and they’ll tell you how!)
  • Critique Sessions — a fan favorite! After you register for PleinAir Live 2.0, be watching for an announcement to submit your artwork to have a professional artist critique it with the entire audience. Who knows, your art might be selected!
  • Roundtable discussions with experts addressing some of today’s hottest art topics
  • Optional Beginner’s Day on April 14 (the day before the main event begins). This is a great time to review the basics and get fully prepared for what’s to come!
  • At our traditional conventions, we all go outside to paint together. Well, believe it or not, we’re still going to have group painting sessions — virtually!
  • Even if you’re not specifically a plein air artist, this experience will open your eyes and your mind to more tips, tools, and techniques that will greatly benefit you and your art.

As Long as You Have a Passion for Art, You DO NOT Want to Miss This Event.

Funny … it sometimes seems that artists stay very loyal to their medium … to their style … to their way of doing things…

But here’s what we’ve discovered in the past year:

Many of the Same Artists Have Attended Each Live Virtual Event …

  • Oil painters using watercolors for the first time!
  • Serious studio painters going outside to paint!
  • Die-hard realism artists bringing creative flair, like mixed media, into their work!
  • Plein air artists not giving up on a painting because they didn’t get it done on site (yes, taking it into the studio for a fabulous finish!)

Here’s the reality of the pandemic…

We’re all tired of being locked down. We want to get outside.
More than ever, people want to discover how to do plein air (outdoor) painting!

Yes, it’s true … we can’t wait to be with people again. We can’t wait to be outside again. We can feel safe and free by going outside to paint. And we’re hearing that people are eager to discover plein air painting for the first time. It’s different from studio painting, and we’ll even have a session on HOW plein air painting is different.

Up to a Year of Replays in Case You Can’t Attend the Live Dates

There are three ticket levels. One comes with a week of replays. Another comes with two months of replays. The third comes with a year of replays. You’ll want to watch over and over to fill your soul with new ideas and passion.

And if you don’t want to sit up live in your time zone … replays help. Or if your job won’t allow you to take a couple of days off … you can catch up on replays on the weekends or on vacation.

One of the best things about PleinAir Live is that your ticket allows you time to access the full replays of the event … watch again and again until you’re ready to move on!

PleinAir Live 2.0 has three ticket options in addition to the optional Beginner’s Day — you get to decide what’s best for you! There’s big benefits to each ticket level:

General Admission:
7 days of access to the replays
Participation in the PleinAir Live community
Happy Hour Paint-Alongs!

60 days of access to the replays
Participation in the PleinAir Live community
Happy Hour Paint-Alongs!
Fun event goodies — a hat, badge, pin, patch, and sticker set!

VIP – BEST OPTION for those who want it all:
A full year of replay access
Participation in the PleinAir Live community
Happy Hour Paint-Alongs!
Completion Diploma
Overstuffed VIP Swag Bag filled with PleinAir Live goodies that will be delivered to your home!
Finally … wait for it … a gift certificate for $400 in art instruction videos from Streamline Art! (Hundreds to choose from!) That’s like taking $400 right off of the ticket price!

Save $3,500 Off Attending a Live In-Person Event
Just think of the money you’re saving with PleinAir Live

No air costs!
No rental car costs!
No hotel costs!
No meals out!
Plus you won’t have to pay the higher price for a live in-person event

PleinAir Live and Our Virtual Events Are Quickly Becoming Known as One of the Best Places on Earth … To Improve Your Painting Skills and Connect with Artists from All Over the Globe

And, just like our live, in-person events, we still have a vendor expo!

  • Art supply companies and vendors showing off their latest products and tools that will help you become a better artist
  • Great discount offers for attendees

Join Me! I Promise You’ll Love It … Or Else!

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know we work hard to offer only the best quality in our products and events. This is no different.

If you’re new here, welcome to the family!

Register now for PleinAir Live. I’m so sure you’ll love this event and find it beneficial to your art that I’ll make you this promise —

I Am So Confident You’ll Love This Event That We’ll Refund 100% of Your Ticket Price If You Don’t Feel You Got Your Money’s Worth on The Very First Day of Watching

Sign up for the event and attend the first day. If, at the end of that day, you find this isn’t for you, let us know and I’ll issue a full and prompt refund.

Though I’m a transparent guy, you don’t have to just take my word for it … take a look at the event page and see what others artists have to say … other artists who are on a path to advance their skills quickly — just like you want to do!

6 Important Reasons You Should Invest in Your Ticket Now

Though Watercolor Live was our biggest online conference ever, part of the reason is that people are more comfortable with online learning than ever. We think PleinAir Live may have even more people attending.

When we announced PleinAir Live a week ago at Watercolor Live, we instantly sold over 400 seats.

We discovered that our technology limits how many people can attend unless we order the extra bandwidth in advance. We almost had to cut off sign-ups because we had so many last-minute sign-ups at our event last week. You don’t want that to happen to you.

When summer comes, you want to be painting your very best. This is like spring training to get you tuned up and ready!

If you book before February 28, you’ll save up to $600.

P.S. Here’s a recap of the important details!

  • With over 30 of today’s best artists and instructors teaching you their best methods, PleinAir Live 2.0 is guaranteed to help you improve as an artist.
  • Sign up for the optional Beginner’s Day — this will help you get prepared for the main event!
  • This is an online event — you’ll attend from the comfort of your own home and have access to the full replays!
  • Three different ticket options to fit your personal needs and budget!
  • No travel, hotel, or meal costs (save $$).
  • Sponsors and vendors offering sweet deals on art supplies.
  • Lots of fun — you’ll meet new people, build your support network, paint like crazy, and wish it would never end!

P.P.S. We’ve just started announcing PleinAir Live 2.0 to the public, and the price will rise as we get closer to the event. Get your ticket now to take advantage of the early-bird pricing.

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