Inspiring art quotes - painting how-to
Scroll down to read some of Dawn Whitelaw's inspiring art quotes on painting.

Inspiring Art Quotes > Dawn Whitelaw is a painter living and working near Nashville, Tennessee. She paints most every subject matter for galleries, for commission, or just for herself. Dawn is more in love with the process of painting than with the actual paintings she makes. After painting in oil for over 50 years, Dawn finds that she is a perpetual student of painting and more hungry than ever before for new ways to approach the canvas.

Enjoy Dawn’s quotes below, then scroll down to watch a preview of her workshop and listen to her interview on the PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads. In the podcast, Dawn shares the following:
• Why she considers teaching others to be her best work
• What a “grocery bag sketch” is (it’s not what you think) and how they came about
• What changed everything about how she approaches the canvas to paint

Here are 10 inspiring art quotes from Dawn’s recently released art video workshop, “Sketchscapes: From Study to Studio.”

1. “I consider myself a contemporary painter because I paint in reaction to the visual images of the world I live in. My paintings document the places I visit and the people I meet. What could be more contemporary than that?”
2. “My palette is limited, but I want to paint in such a way that the viewer does not feel any limitation.”
3. “ I am interested in painting how I feel about the subject more than just what the subject looked like.”
4. “I agree with Birge Harrison who said that an artist should not try to say two things on one canvas.”
5. “You got into this because it was fun and you liked it; don’t lose that.”
6. “What’s so interesting about painting is that every color you add, every value you add, changes everything.”
7. “By choice or by chance? I love swinging back and forth between those two things.”
8. “A painting is finished when you have nothing more to remove.”
9. “Finish with a big brush mentality.”
10. “I’m trying to write a poem here, I’m not trying to write an essay of facts.”

Impressionist landscape paintings - Dawn Whitelaw
“Inspire” ( 8″x*8″ ) recently won the Masters’ Award of Excellence at the AIS Impressions Small Works Showcase in Fredericksburg TX. “Many thanks to AIS and to awards judge Nancy Bush ASIM,” Dawn said. “I am very honored and excited to receive this award. Congratulations to the other winners listed on the AIS website.” The painting is available from R S Hanna Gallery until April 4. 

Preview Dawn’s art workshop video “Sketchscapes: From Study to Studio”:


Listen to PleinAir Podcast 126: Dawn Whitelaw’s Painting Approach to Plein Air and More:

Inspiring art quotes - painting how-to
Dawn explains how to ​find the colors hiding on your palette (trust us, they’re there!) in her new art workshop video, “Sketchscapes: From Study to Studio
Inspiring art quotes - painting how-to
Dawn Whitelaw, with the painting she created during the art workshop video, “Sketchscapes: From Study to Studio

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