Ray Roberts,
Ray Roberts, "Shore Breakers, Laguna Beach," 2018, oil, 20 x 24 in., plein air

In this weekly series Kelly Kane, Editor-in-Chief of Plein Air Magazine, shares a favorite painting and artist quote from a recent issue.

Kelly Kane’s Pick of the Week: Shore Breakers, Laguna Beach

“Water is constantly moving, and no two waves are alike. You might catch a glimpse of something that’s spectacular, and then it’s gone. You try to relive it in your mind’s eye, and then you try to see if you can recall glimpses of it as the waves return. It’s kind of heart-wrenching — an honest challenge that drives me to keep trying to capture it.” — Ray Roberts, “The Curious Creator”

Read the full article in PleinAir Magazine, August/September 2020:

Plein Air Magazine


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