Eric Rhoads interview with Susan Blackwood on painting landscapes
Eric Rhoads interview with Susan Blackwood on painting landscapes

In this on-screen interview with Eric Rhoads, Susan Blackwood explains her concepts on how to make your plein air landscape painting more powerful once you’re back in the studio. Watch as she shows you how to “push back” elements to create atmospheric perspective, and so much more.

“We need to use our imagination,” Susan says. “It’s a wonderful skill to get out there and capture it exactly the way it is, but in reality we are visionaries.”

landscape painting plein air to studio - Susan Blackwood



Susan's finished painting from the landscape painting demo
Susan’s finished painting from the landscape painting demo

Susan Blackwood is a professional painter in oils and watercolors in traditional as well as contemporary and abstract. Susan loves to paint everything. Classically trained, her typical subjects range from people, animals, still life, landscapes, cityscapes, interiors and abstracts in an impressionistic-realism and contemporary styles. She loves the power of light falling on a subject and strives for emotion and often a story in her paintings.

Bonus Interview! 

In this episode of the Plein Air Podcast, Eric interviews the artist couple Susan Blackwood and Howard Friedland.

Listen as Susan and Howard share the following:
• The romantic story of how, during an art event, their easels kept moving closer together (“Don’t buy me diamonds,” Susan told Howard, “buy me art supplies.”)
• How they’ve seen the plein air movement change over the past several decades
• Thoughts on painting on location versus painting from photographs; and more

Listen here:


In the above podcast, Eric Rhoads, author of Make More Money Selling Your Art, also shares how to use marketing to make your art stand out from the rest, and ways to protect your art when it’s being sold through a gallery in this Art Marketing Minute Podcast.

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