Shelby Keefe was last year’s big winner. Here’s Eric Rhoads, left, and Steve Doherty, right, presenting Keefe with a check for $15,000 for winning 1st Place overall in the 2nd Annual PleinAir Salon Competition, last April at the Plein Air Convention & Exposition.

The deadline for entries in the December-January contest of the PleinAir Salon is midnight, Jan. 31–Friday night. At stake is a chance to win $15,000 for your best work. More than $21,000 in prizes will be awarded.

There are many reasons to enter online competitions. It can increase your exposure among collectors and arts writers. It helps build your résumé. It is one of the pieces some gallery owners look for in artists. It forces you to critically examine your work. It can evoke an honest appraisal from an astute judge. And of course, you might take home a great big check!

Enter the PleinAir Salon Competition by midnight on January 31 for your chance to win $21,000 in prizes.


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