Lifetime Achievement Awards Presented

During the Plein Air Convention & Expo, two artists received special recognition for their remarkable careers and their efforts to advance the cause of representational painting. John Stobart and Mian Situ were both honored with Lifetime Achievement Awards from PleinAir magazine.

Artist Don Demers offered a deeply personal tribute to John Stobart, who was one of the two artists to receive Lifetime Achievement Awards during the Plein Air Convention. He talked about his first meeting with Stobart and the inspiration he and many other artists received from the distinguished British-born artist. Demers and PleinAir Publisher Eric Rhoads presented a plaque honoring Stobart, and then Stobart spoke about his career and dedication to representational drawing and painting.

Elaine Adams and Eric Rhoads made a similar presentation to Mian Situ, a remarkable individual who grew up in China and then moved to the United States to pursue a career in fine arts. Adams spoke about Situ’s struggles as a young man, the challenges he faced after immigrating, and the amazing plein air and studio paintings he created after settling in California. She also took note of his generous spirit in helping other artists and in organizing trips for American painters to China.

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