Camille Przewodek painting during the 2012 Plein Air Convention & Expo

All the plein air painters you admire and want to meet will be joining the Plein Air Convention & Expo at the Monterey, California, Conference Center from April 10-14, 2013. In addition to those top artists already announced (, we are proud to announce that Scott L. Christensen, James Gurney, Morgan Samuel Price, C.W. Mundy, Brenda Boylan, Becky Joy …AND MORE

Brian Blood painting in Italy

C.W. Mundy at work in Honfleur, France

… Charlie Hunter, Skip Whitcomb, Jill Carter, Davis Perkins, Scott Gellatly, Ed Brickler, and many others will be joining the featured artists who have already been announced. That roster of amazingly talented outdoor painters includes Ray Roberts, Camille Przewodek, Lori Putnam, Ned Mueller, Kathleen Dunphy, Donald Demers, Ken Auster, John Cosby, Gil Dellinger, and Peggi Kroll-Roberts.

Charlie Hunter teaching a workshop

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