A rendering of the new facility in the Academic Village in Seaside, FL

The new Academic Village in Seaside, Florida, is developing an educational program that will include plein air workshops, events, and painting opportunities. Find out how to get involved from the beginning.

“Cannonball House,” a watercolor painting by David Csont, who will be teaching a painting workshop

“David Csont and I are collaborating on a few projects this coming year in our new Academic Village in Seaside, Florida,” writes Diane Dorney, executive director of the Seaside Institute. “The nonprofit institute is responsible for the programming of the Academic Village (currently under construction) that will eventually house approximately 14 people in seven cottages. The facilities will be used to educate people about the art and architecture world, and the first art series this spring will be on plein air. One of the initial programs is a five-day course taught by watercolorist David Csont.

“In October, we hope to organize a small plein air festival, with participating artists staying in the village and using a large courtyard outfitted with a full outdoor kitchen and bar. The work would be exhibited in a gallery that will be located next door and along some roofed arcades.” For more information, visit www.seasidefl.com.


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