Albert Handell, “At Water’s Edge,” 18 x 24 inches

A world-class display of oil and acrylic paintings is just around the corner at Castle Gallery in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Who’s included?

Fine art collectors will surely want to attend the National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society “Best of America” exhibition this fall. As its title suggests, the show features juried paintings from across the country submitted by members of the prestigious organization.

Brenda Howell, “El Matador Beach,’” 24 x 36 inches
Melanie O’Keefe, “Quiet Place,” 30 x 30 inches
Lee Alban, “Navajo Mother and Child,” 24 x 18 inches
Samuel Hoffman, “River Man,” 18 x 24 inches

Represented artists in 2017 include Priya Ahlawat, Lee Alban, Tom Altenburg, Del-Bourree Bach, Suzie Baker, Victor Blakey, Andrea Bojrab, Liz Bonham, JM Brodrick, Hebe Brooks, Charlene Brown, Karne Budan, Karen Cahill, Juan Cantavella, Mitch Caster, Victoria Castillo, Jane Chapin, Marc Chatov, Adam Clague, Steven Creighton, Matthew Cutter, Tony Damico, Mary Ann Davis, Fred Doloresco, Glen Edwards, Barbara Edwards, Shirley Fachilla, Alison Fang, Shannon Fannin, Karolyn Farrell, Nicole Finger, Rusty Frentner, Berry Fritz, Hans Guerin, Masoud Habibyan, Diann Haist, Nancy Haley, Albert Handell, Randall Harden, Linda Lucas Hardy, Anne Harkness, Diana Harvey, Ray Hassard, Dennis Heckler, Kim Hill, Samuel Hoffman, Paula Holtzclaw, Al Hopkins, Ellen Howard, Brenda Howell, Frankie Johnson, Barbara Jones, Steven Jordan, Andrew Knez Jr., Sheryl Knight, Steve Ko, Linda Kollacks, Sandra Kuck, Christina Kuo, David Larkins, Tom LaRock, Krik Larsen, Christopher Leeper, Shana Levenson, Cheng Lian, Tai Meng Lim, Ober-Rae Livingstone, CJ Lukacsik, Dale Macafee, Miguel Malagon, Will Maller, Catherine Marchand, Steve McCoy, Patrick Meehan, Rosa Montante, Walter Mosley, Michelle Murray, Farshid Namei, Linda Nearon, Pamela Newell, Barbara Nuss, Sivananda Nyayapathi, Dr. Terry Nybo, Melanie O’Keefe, Frances Pampeyan, Jose Pardo, Lyn Phariss, Sharon Pomales, Barron Postmus, Craig Pursley, Igor Raikhline, Christina Ramos, Diane Reeves, Michael Reibel, Scott Royston, Lawrence Rudolech, Monique Sakellarios, Trish Savides, John Schisler, William Schneider, Ming-Mei Sheeh, Sandhyaa Shetty, Pamela Shumway, Jerry Smith, Cindy Sorley-Keichinger, Ken Spencer, Ann Stevenson, Thalia Stratton, Shawn Sullivan, James Swanson, Stephanie Paige Thomson, Patricia Tribastone, Cecy Turner, David Tutwiler, J Russell Wells, Robin Williamson, Simon Winegar, Natalie Wiseman, Kay Witherspoon, James Wolford, Jenny Wu, Jian Wu, and Jie Zhuang.

Shana Levenson, “Wendell,” 20 x 20 inches
Rusty Frentner, “Home On the Range,” 15 1/2 x 28 inches
Tony Damico, “An Early Winter,” 11 x 14 inches

The exhibition opened on October 16 and will continue through November 11. To learn more, visit Castle Gallery.

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