A lot of artists have positive experiences at plein air competitions, but few have the kind of big day James McGrew did recently at the 2013 Grand Canyon Celebration of Art.

McGrew won both the People’s Choice Award and the PleinAir Award, and his Quick Draw painting went for the highest bid of the day. Then he sold all of his pieces at the show.

McGrew won the PleinAir Award, sponsored by PleinAir magazine, for his body of work. “It was a great show, extremely well run with excellent sales and collectors who flew in from all across the country,” says McGrew. “All the staff for the National Park Service and the Grand Canyon Association were extremely enthusiastic and supporting of the artists and the buyers. Best of all, the proceeds go to support the Grand Canyon in developing an art museum on the South Rim to showcase the great collection of art, which is not available for public viewing despite its significance in the National Park.”

“Sunset Islands,” by Joshua Been

Joshua Been took home the Artists’ Choice Award. For more information, visit the event’s website.


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