Judson Brown, plein air painter
Judson Brown, plein air painter

Learn about a plein air painting exhibition by painter, teacher, and avid outdoorsman Judson Brown.

At a Glance:
“Painting Connections”
View – Center for the Arts
Old Forge, New York
Through October 6, 2021
Exhibition Website: https://www.viewarts.org/exhibitions/upcoming-exhibitions/judson-brown-painting-connections/
Artist Website: www.judsonfineart.com

"Painting Necessities" by Judson Brown
“Painting Necessities” by Judson Brown

“Painting Connections” by Judson Brown

Just over thirty years ago I had my first show at the Arts Center in Old Forge, now called View. Ties to the Adirondacks go back to my high school years; the painting connections continue to grow and mature, providing more enjoyment, relaxation and, as any artist will attest to, many new friendships along the way.

The medium of watercolor was my primary focus in those early years, though now oil painting has become my primary choice. Not uncommon to most representational artists, my paintings have stories to tell.

"The Guide" by Judson Brown
“The Guide” by Judson Brown

A physical and mental connection develops when you’re on location painting throughout the seasons. The sounds of nature, changing weather, dramatic light of day are a few of the elements that provide the artist with not only challenges, but inspiration. That is when my paintings begin to evolve and the stories behind them develop.

Exploring the outdoors as a teenager meant new discoveries; sketching and painting naturally joined in. Whether hiking state parks or nearby woods, camping, canoeing, or fishing, I became connected to my surroundings.

"Avalanche Pass" painting by Judson Brown
“Avalanche Pass” by Judson Brown

The paintings are representative of the love I have for nature and being a part of it. The mountains, rivers, and wilderness provide more than just painting inspiration – they nurture the artist’s mind, body and soul.

Not to be overlooked are the connections to one’s own backyard, an environment we experience daily. The sights and sounds are so familiar and it seems always calling out to be noticed.

The benefits of living in a rural setting are the landscapes available that never disappoint my sensibilities as an artist.

"Blue Bell and Breeze" painting by Judson Brown
“Blue Bell and Breeze” by Judson Brown

A lifelong resident of New York State, I grew up in the village of Williamsville. At the time a relatively small village outside of Buffalo with room to explore. My mother was the artistic influence, my father worked for an advertising agency managing the finances. On special occasions I would accompany my father to the agency, spending time with illustrators and designers. Watching the magic created by these artists is what fostered a sincere interest in developing my skills as an artist, together with their encouragement.

The paintings of the Wyeths, Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, and the Hudson River School artists are often in my thought process while painting. That is the second connection. Close to half of these works were started while painting in the company of other artists, whether in small groups or just with a friend. These are the personal connections I have been fortunate to enjoy and cherish.

My sabbatical leave in 1987 took me to Rockport, Massachusetts to paint with Tom Nicholas, NA. The artist who became a close friend and Adirondack celebrity artist of sorts, during that same time was the late Don Getz AWS, of Ohio. Those early years and numerous painting trips with Don established connections within the Adirondack art community. I continue my painting with artists I met ten years ago from Publisher’s Invitationals hosted by Eric Rhoads, founder of Plein Air Magazine.

A Bachelors of Science and Masters Degree in Art Education were earned from SUNY college at Buffalo. I continue to live in West Valley, with my wife Deborah, where I taught art at West Valley Central for 35 years. Through participation and involvement in local and regional art societies I have earned numerous awards and recognition. Equally important to me, are the rewards of having developed the artistic talents in so many students during my years of teaching.

"Buttermilk Headwater" painting by Judson Brown
“Buttermilk Headwater” by Judson Brown

For more information about “Painting Connections,” please visit the exhibition website: https://www.viewarts.org/exhibitions/upcoming-exhibitions/judson-brown-painting-connections/.


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