How does Bermuda in November sound?

Lead Image: A painter finds a nook with a view in Bermuda

The deadline to submit an application to the Bermuda Plein Air Festival is October 14, so ready your information and images. The festival runs November 14-21.

Aside from Bermuda’s obvious beauty — a place compelling enough to draw Winslow Homer — the island is an excellent place to sell paintings. “It’s a very wealthy community,” says artist Chris Marson, a Bermuda painter who is helping organize the event. “It’s not just the tourists. Much of the high-end art sales is to locals.”

This is the first year for the event, but Plein Air Painters of Bermuda, the group behind the festival, has already done much preparation and legwork, and the Bermuda Tourism Authority is strongly behind their efforts. Plein Air Painters of Bermuda has been around for a dozen years, and based on what Bermuda Plein Air Festival chairperson Margaret Potts says, they haven’t become desensitized to the beauty of the British overseas territory. “It’s so stunningly beautiful,” says Potts. “So colorful and full of texture, and Bermuda has a rich visual history. You see it in the architecture.”

Adds Marson, “The color of the ocean is stunning. In fairly shallow water, the pinkish white sand — that color because it’s composed of broken-down coral — colors the water from underneath and gives it a pink sheen.”

For more information, visit Bermuda Plein Air.


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