Plein air painting in Los Angeles? The opportunity awaits anyone who registers — free. 

The event, which is in its first year, runs four days, from October 9-12. It is sponsored by Raw Materials Art Supplies. Registration is available here. Blackstone Gallery is also a partner, and part of the proceeds from the event will benefit the ongoing Downtown Art Walk.

Alex Schaefer painting at 7th and Main Streets in Los Angeles


“Experiencing Historic Downtown Los Angeles as an artist exposes the senses to endless stimulations,” says Celia Winstead of Raw Materials Art Supplies. “Painting en plein air allows artists to find themselves a participant and not just an observer, where buildings, buses, cars, bicyclists, office workers, tourists, and residents all blend into a common heartbeat. That’s when the magic begins to emerge on canvas. I’m looking forward to seeing the magic.”


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