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Two weeks ago we posted a photograph from the Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE), held in Tucson last month. It seemed that something strange was going on…

Lead Image: Something happened in Tucson….

We asked our readers to caption the picture. No one quite got it right. So we went to the guiding force behind the convention, PleinAir magazine publisher Eric Rhoads, to get the lowdown. He answered with a video.

Here’s film of what happened in some of the opening moments of the 2016 Plein Air Convention & Expo, which was held in April in Tucson, Arizona. It’s an epic battle over love, money, honor, and an Edgar Payne painting, featuring Rhoads, Jean Stern, Stefan Baumann, Karen Hitt, Anne Nelson Sweat, and James Willis.

“The Plein Air Convention is all about having fun,” explains Rhoads. “We don’t want our events to be stiff and boring, so we like to set the tone by having some fun.”

A moment from the PACE opening’s skit. Click to watch.
A moment from the PACE opening’s skit. Click to watch.

Unbelievably, the excitement is already building for PACE 2017— even though this year’s edition of the Plein Air Convention just wrapped up. Several high-profile instructors have already signed on and cleared their calendars for PACE 2017. Want names? How about Roos Schuring, Scott W. Prior, Jill Carver, James Gurney, Jeremy Lipking, Michael Godfrey, Tim Solliday, Kate Starling, and Charlie Hunter?

Bookmark the PACE website, reserve your spot at the 2017 event, and stop by often to see the growing list of instructors. PACE 2017 is sure to sell out — just like PACE 2016 did.


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