by Susan Greenstein, 440 Gallery

Hidden treasures from Maine to North Carolina were captured through vibrant plein air watercolors for an exciting solo exhibition this spring in New York.

440 Gallery in Brooklyn, New York, is the proud host of “Painted Travels,” a solo exhibition of plein air watercolors by Susan Greenstein. Opened on April 20 and continuing through May 21, “Painted Travels” features a body of work created during Greenstein’s recent travels from Maine to North Carolina. She chose places that spoke to her on a personal level rather than landmarks detailed in guidebooks, and Greenstein’s watercolors frequently evoke feelings of nostalgia.

Via the gallery, “Greenstein has said that the experience of working on-site and in the moment is essential to her process. ‘Everything that happens around me becomes part of the work — honking cars, the feeling of the sun and wind, bits and pieces of conversation. All of these external elements differ from place to place yet find a way of weaving themselves into the painting.’

“The watercolors of ‘Painted Travels’ mark Greenstein’s return to a familiar genre: the immediacy of on-site renderings as a visual diary of a location. Greenstein’s range of work also includes pastels, sketchbooks constructed as art objects, printmaking and ceramics.”

To learn more, visit 440 Gallery.


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