Derek Daniells painting along a narrow street in Stony Stratford, England

Derek Daniells likes to paint along the narrow streets of Stony Stratford in England. Normally, the location is reasonably quiet, but at times the snow, cold temperatures, and splashes from passing “lorries” force him to take refuge in the local pub.

Daniells at work on his oil painting “Stony Under Snow”

“Most times it’s not a problem to paint along the streets of my hometown of Stony Stratford, England, although there is the occasional dog walker, lorry (truck), or sledger (a load-carrying sled pulled by horses),” reports Derek Daniells. “One elderly couple, having passed me a couple of times, offered to let me pop into their house for coffee if I wanted, and they gave me directions. That was really sweet of them.

“Stony Under Snow,” by Derek Daniells

“On one occasion, whilst working in difficult conditions, it was so bad I was forced to adjourn to a local pub where I could hear music playing. I made the best of my painting time by opening my pochade box and doing a sketch of one of the musicians.”

“Matt at the Vaults Bar,” by Derek Daniells

Daniells is a professional artist who uses a variety of mediums such as oil, acrylic, mixed media, and pastel with equal skill on a wide range of subjects. He starts painting by establishing abstract blocks of color and then building the play of light on form, following the inspiration of earlier painters such as Vuillard, Degas, and Turner. He prefers painting from direct observation, often working on site at any time of day or night.

“Snow-Bridge Meadow, Stony Stratford,” an acrylic painting by Derek Daniells

Daniells has exhibited in the open exhibitions of the Royal Society of British Artists, the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, the Royal Watercolour Society, and the Pastel Society. His paintings are part of many private collections both in the UK and abroad, including that of Henrietta, Duchess of Bedford. Derek still lives in Stony Stratford with his wife, Caroline, and their son, Luke. For more information, visit


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