Brenda Boylan and Anton Pavlenko painting from a traffic island in the Sellwood District of Portland, OR

Most of the artists we feature in our ongoing series of extreme painting are on mountains, in rivers, or along rocky ledges. Two Oregon artists found a different challenge to painting the best views.


“As Anton Pavlenko and I searched for painting locations, it was obvious to us that the best vantage point for our urban plein air paintings would be from the traffic island on a street in the Sellwood District of Portland, Oregon,” says Brenda Boylan. “The spot was right in the antique district with lots of interesting architecture, and even though our chosen location seemed part illegal and perhaps a bit dangerous, we decided that the potential of realizing a great painting was worth the risk. I calculated that if we were asked to leave the dividing platform, then, well, at least we tried,  right? Well, funny enough, a squad car did pass us by without issuing a citation.” For more information, visit and


  1. The people who run the winery allowed 33 of us to descend on their winery to paint that day and even suggested that we may want to display our paintings on easels and offer them for sale. How nice is that? Of course we were happy to do that and 4 or 5 of us sold work. What a great day and great people to work with!

  2. One of our most beautiful minnesota summer days to paint with nearly perfect light. Many thanks to Parley Lake Winnery. I’m honored to be one of the painters featured … and as a word of encouragement to other artist I did sell My 11 X 14 image to a young women working at the winnery.


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