Alexander Chistov, “Malibu”

Painting Outdoors > We recently discovered plein air and studio artist Alexander Chistov when he shared a tranquil video snippet while painting waves in Southern California. Enjoy it here:

“As an artist, I enjoy working on studio artwork but I also greatly enjoy plein air painting,” Chistov says. “Living in Southern California provides me with plenty of landscapes that inspire me to go out and paint. I am lucky to be a short drive away from the beach, the forest, parks, etc. While driving, I take notice of the landscape and if a certain scenery catches my eye, I go back and paint it. I try my best to capture the beauty of each scenery in my paintings.

“Although I am currently working on studio artwork, I always incorporate plein air painting into my schedule. I integrate techniques I learn in the studio for my plein air paintings, and techniques learned during plein air on my studio work. I use the grayscale (1-6), which helps me catch value faster when doing plein air artwork.

“Usually I like to start with the sky on plein air paintings, and that gives me a strong start to determine the rest of the values for the subject at hand. The range of colors used to create the rendered look covers all colors across the board. I use as many colors as possible to create the end product.”

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Additional Scenes from Chistov Painting Outdoors:

Alexander Chistov, “San Fernando Valley”
Painting outdoors - Alexander Chistov -
Alexander Chistov, “Chumash Trails”
Painting art outside - Alexander Chistov -
Alexander Chistov, “Vazquez Rocks”
Alexander Chistov, “Santa Monica Mountains”

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