palette knife painting -
"An Enthralling Allure" by Cynthia Rosen

“While many people are surprised to see a plein air (outdoor) painter painting with a palette knife, there actually is a long history behind the technique,” Cynthia Rosen said. “I picked up the knife because I wanted to learn about color.”

Cynthia, who is known for her palette knife painting techniques, is presenting her first series to be shown in Florida in over 40 years. The paintings include beach scenes, boats, still lives, and more.

“As doors have opened up again, I hope you are finding that both company and inspiration are brightening your lives,” she said. “I have been blessed. Along with two new grandchildren, my work commitments have blossomed. The upcoming solo show is kicking it off with a wonderful party. While it is a busy week for many I hope to make new friends and reconnect with others, making memories and celebrating Spring.”

The show opening is April 8, 2023 (please RSVP), at TSJ Fine Art (The Secret Jewel) in Englewood, Florida and the works are on view through April 30.

“I will be doing a demonstration/teaching at the famed Plein Air Convention in Denver in May,” Cynthia said. “Stop to say ‘hi’ if you are there!”

palette knife painting - "Poetry in Bloom" by Cynthia Rosen
“Poetry in Bloom” by Cynthia Rosen

Cynthia added: “Mixing colors is fascinating to me and when I began I was constantly surprised by the luscious colors I created. Now I just bathe in the process itself as well as the vibrancy of color I can achieve. The fact that it is a tool well suited to quick and immediate actions and reactions satisfies the impulsive side of myself I never knew I had. It is empowering by virtue of the clean colors the knife produces.

“Even though the knife can be difficult at times to manage (it can not do all that a brush can do) I am smitten with it. I had no idea that such historic classical painters well known for their amazing works have used the knife. Rembrandt, Titian, and Courbet are among the more famous on this list. And then, of course, we go to the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists including Pissarro, Cezanne, Chagall, Van Gogh, and Matisse whose thick juicy paint boasts of the color achieved by the use of the knife. I blush and am humbled to know I am in such wondrous company and ecstatic to have learned of the palette knife’s rich history. This is a narrative that I can share as I continue teaching about color as well as knife and paint application techniques.”

plein air art - "By the Harbor" by Cynthia Rosen
“By the Harbor” by Cynthia Rosen

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