Parting Shot: Cold All Over

“Frozen Danube,” by Jethro Knight, 2017, oil, 10 x 15 in.

How cold is it in Serbia? Jethro Knight had a rare chance to paint a frozen Danube River, that’s how cold.

“It is quite an unusual event for the Danube River to freeze over, so I was fortunate to be in Belgrade at this time to paint the scene,” Knight says. “I chose to depict it as the sun set in the evening and was interested in the interplay between the warm colors of the evening light and sky and the cool colors of the ice in shadow. It was quite a spectacular sight to see that amount of ice on the river. It looked like the surface of an alien planet. Further downstream, one of the wooden floating houses had been swept up by the ice and had ended up stranded in the middle of the frozen river.”


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