We’ve all been there. A storm is coming, or at least some potentially ruinous rain. But the dramatic weather that’s approaching is creating a great scene. 

Bruce Katz beat the rain and nailed this painting, which is one of the highlights of “Terrain: Views of California,” a group show currently on view at STUDIO Gallery in San Francisco. 

“It had been raining a lot in the Bay Area, and it had been two weeks since I’d gotten out to paint,” Katz recalls. “I was craving the inspiration nature provides and determined to get in a painting between the rain storms. I ended up at Herons Head Park in San Francisco, looking out on the marches and an inlet of the bay. Herons Head is a spit of land leading out into the bay that’s a great place for birders and dog walkers. The wind was furious, but I found myself a protected nook in the bushes. I raced through the painting to finish before the rain. I made it! It was great to be outdoors painting again.”

“Terrain” is on view at STUDIO Gallery through March 23.



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